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PiBoIdMo 2011 – Day 12

As we go into our 3rd week of PiBo, I am surprised at how well it has been going.  I had considered not doing PiBo due to my time constraints with college and other personal obligations. However, now I am very glad I did. I look forward to the inspirational posts each morning. I usually jot things down throughout the day.  I have had quite a few ideas that I feel very passionate about.  In years past by day 12 I was starting to struggle.  So far so good this year.  My muse is still hanging around 😀  Hurray!

Here are a couple of clips from pages out of my PiBo journal/sketchbook.  I blurred the words but you get the idea.



Real roughs, but it gives you an idea of how I work. Like I said in a previous post, I don’t go for perfection here. I just want to get that idea down before it flies off and another one re-enters!

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  1. Gina 14/11/2011

    That’s excellent Loni. I hit a slump a few days ago, like last year. But I’m back at it again! I love seeing your work pages. I hope the rest of the month is just as productive for you.

    • Loni Edwards 16/11/2011

      Thank you Gina. The half way point is the hardest hurdle to get over. I’m glad you were inspired again! Thank you!

  2. Joanna 15/11/2011

    I wish I could sketch too, as I feel it would help make the ideas more concrete. I like seeing your journal pages!

    • Loni Edwards 16/11/2011

      Hi Joanna,
      Everyone can sketch! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes I just draw sticks and blobs 🙂 I’m glad you liked my pages. Thanks for visiting.

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