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Happy Holidays!

I wish for all of my friends, family and fans to have a wonderful holiday.  I hope that the coming year will be full of love, joy and creativity for  you.

January is the first month of the 12 x 12 in 20012 project.  I think it will be great to keep that creativity going after PiBoIdMo.  I have also met some great new writer friends on the Facebook group and blogger that have already helped me to stay motivated.  I am finishing up the final touches on a picture book manuscript.  I am very pleased with it as a whole. Although the perfectionist in me knows I need to edit, edit, edit 🙂 I am also in the process of creating the thumbs/pages for this manuscript. I am hoping the roughs will be done by the 31.


We are all set for Christmas here for the most part.  I put up a small tree last week. Thank goodness I decided to put acrylic balls on it as the new cat has knocked it over 3 times so far.  A friend on Facebook posted this link to the animated cartoon Simon’s Cat.  It says it all:

Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

“Jazz! No Kitty!”

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  1. diana delosh 21/12/2011

    Good luck with the 12 x 12 challenge. Happy Holidays back at you!

  2. Rosemary Moeller 21/12/2011

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hope you enjoy all the beauty of the season.

  3. Patricia Tilton 21/12/2011

    A lovely message, and a cute vido. Looking forward to 12×12. Happy Holidays!

  4. theartofpuro 23/12/2011

    So cute:)Have a Merry Xmas:)

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