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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!   2012 is the Year of the Dragon.

This piece was created in Sketchbook Pro.  I am getting a feel for the program.  I felt more confidant today in using the tools.  I was much quicker also.  I still have to figure out image resizing and a few other things, but so far I still like it 🙂

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  1. LangiSketches 23/01/2012

    Looking good! I like how he’s holding up his little flag, as if a parade is going to roll through any minute.

  2. Carrie 24/01/2012

    Happy New Year. Excited for the Year of the Dragon because I’m a Dragon too.

    • Loni Edwards 24/01/2012

      Hi Carrie,
      That is so cool to be a year of the Dragon! Mine is the year of the Monkey 🙂

  3. Southpaw 25/01/2012

    Absolutely adorable!

    • Southpaw 25/01/2012

      Oh how do you like Sketchbook Pro?

      • Loni Edwards 25/01/2012

        It was a bit out of my comfort zone at first, but I liked the overall layout and interface. Now that I am more comfortable with it, I really like it. I almost used it totally for this painting, although I did have to go into GIMP for the “2012”. SBP was having a bug issue with fonts.

  4. theartofpuro 30/01/2012

    Love his expression:)Too cute:)

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