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Check in January – 12×12 in 2012

I have joined a group challenge called 12×12 in 2012.  The task is to write a full picture book manuscript before the end of each month of 2012.  I am happy to announce that I finished my manuscript!  Originally, I had an idea from PiBoIdMo, the challenge I did last November.  However, tragedy struck our little home.  Our pet rat, Penny, suddenly took ill and died within 3 days.  She was such a warrior. She recovered from 2 big surgeries this past year, all while maintaining her Alpha Female status with her 2 sisters.   Here is a picture of our sweet Penny with her sister, Q.


Out of this sadness came a moment of joy for me as I was able to eulogize Penny in a wonderful  story.  I am very excited about it and can’t wait to work on it some more in the near future.  Here is one of the sketches :

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  1. Susanna Leonard Hill 29/01/2012

    So sorry about your sweet Penny, but glad if her memory will live on in your stories. Love the sketch!

  2. cheryl Velasquez 29/01/2012

    Sorry about Penny, but I a glad she inspired you to write your January story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Loni 29/01/2012 — Post Author

      Thank you Cheryl. Yes, I am glad that something good came out of the ordeal. And she did not suffer long which was also a blessing.

  3. Beth Stilborn 29/01/2012

    What a wonderful way to remember Penny — my condolences to you on losing her.

  4. Melissa 29/01/2012

    What a beautiful way to remember Penny 🙂

    • Loni 29/01/2012 — Post Author

      Thanks Melissa. It was a good feeling when the MS was done. It’s great to have her live on.

  5. Erik -This Kid Reviews Books 29/01/2012

    I am sorry Penny died. This is a nice way to remember her! I like the illustration 🙂

  6. Eric Van Raepenbusch 29/01/2012

    The sketch of Penny’s home looks great — what a great way to remember her. Good luck in February!

  7. Sheri Cook 30/01/2012

    So sorry for your loss but congrats on crating your January 12x12in2012 Challenge piece!

    • Loni Edwards 30/01/2012

      Much thanks Sheri! Yes, it’s nice to have something good come out of such a sad time.

  8. Cathy Mealey 30/01/2012

    Farewell Penny, RIP

    I am glad your story will live on in a book!

  9. Miranda Paul 30/01/2012

    So sorry to hear about Penny. What a great way to honor your pet, though. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hannah 30/01/2012

    I’m glad you are finding joy after grief. Congratulations on finishing your January manuscript.

  11. Southpaw 31/01/2012

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I do love your sketch.

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