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Links of Interest: Vintage Alice in Wonderland, A Studio Gibli Film, Cute pictures & a Freebie

The following are some interesting links I found this past week:



  • I was at Brainpickings and I saw this awesome article showing some  Alice In Wonderland vintage Magic Lantern Slides. The Magic Lantern was a projector developed in the 17th century. The glass slides that were used for it were fantastic pieces of art. The 24 slides of Alice in Wonderland were “based on Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations for the Lewis Carroll classic but altered to avoid copyright conflicts”. They are really beautiful. I love Alice’s red and white striped stockings 🙂 .

  • I thought this post was so adorable that I had to share it. Jeff Smith, author and illustrator of, most notably, the comic series Bone as well as the Candlewick Toon Book, Little Mouse Gets Ready wrote in his blog about a letter from the father of a little girl who was a fan of Little Mouse Gets Ready. She made a hat in tribute to the book which she wore while reading it to her first grade class. Check out the post to see some adorable pictures!
  •  Freebie!  Newsarama offers an exclusive preview of the new Sonic the Hedgehog comic #237 by Archie Comics that you can view right on their website.
  • And finally, for my artist friends, I found this cool blog that is for the Academy of Art Character and Creature Design students. It has some really interesting posts that you should check out. I really enjoyed the tutorial on how to sculpt a maquette.


That’s it for today! I will post more links soon so check back!

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