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New Art

I am excited to announce that I have been working on a number of projects for a client. I can’t tell you what the projects are, but I am allowed to show a few of the art pieces I did for them. Here is one of the cute characters I came up with. I love his style :



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  1. Bernadette 12/09/2012

    Loni, I think you do an amazing job on your artwork. Each one I see looks cuter and better than the one before, then I realize I am back at the beginning!! Nice work!

  2. Julie Rowan-Zoch 12/09/2012

    I can hear him whistle!

  3. Hannah Holt 13/09/2012

    He looks like a friendly kind of tramp. Very nice! And I agree with Julie– I can hear him whistle.

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