Halloweensie Contest 2012

Happy Halloween 2011


Author Susanna Leonard Hill is having a short story contest on her blog today. The Halloweensie Contest rules are to write a short story of 100 words or less using the three words: witch, trick or treat and bat. Here is my entry:


Boo by Loni Edwards

Boo the cat went into the kitchen. The witch was singing, “It’s Halloween, the time is right – For all witches to give a good fright!” The witch put a bat wing into the stew she was brewing. “Tonight is special, Boo. It is your one hundredth time riding with me.” Boo loved to ride the witch’s broom. Flying through the air, feeling the wind on his fur. The witch tied something onto his head. He looked at his reflection. It was a witch hat! “Now let’s go scare some trick or treaters!” Boo purred.

To read more entries, please head over to Susanna’s blog. As for me, I’m off to a local cemetery  to play a seeking game. Creepy fun 🙂

Happy Halloween!


26 Responses to Halloweensie Contest 2012
  1. I love it! A wee kitty enjoying his broomstick ride and a costume, too. Thank you for sharing this, Loni!

    • Thanks Heather! I’ve written lots of contest entries, but this was the first time I’ve been brave (or crazy?) enough to post. Good luck on the contest, I loved your entry!

      • Thank you and good luck to you, too!

  2. I love how excited this kitty gets! What an adorable entry, Loni!

  3. A cat on a broom wearing a witch’s hat
    I must say, I’d love to see that!

    • Oh, I have a feeling you will be seeing Boo very soon! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Would love to see the cat with this hat!

  5. This is a sweet story, Loni.

    • Thank you, Carrie. It was fun to do, although a bit nerve wrecking posting it!

  6. Ooo – you are braver than I am to head out to a cemetery tonight! Love your cute kitty Boo. Hope his 100th ride is great!

    • Oh, the cemetery is one of my favorite places! So quiet, and eerily fun. We had a great time!

  7. Very cute, Loni! I’m glad the cat earned his hat 🙂

    Hope your seeking game goes well.Looks like fun to me!

    • Hi Penny, thank you! Yes, the game was superb! We found all but two and went to 3 cemeteries. We had a blast!

  8. So cute! I’m surprised that cat wasn’t more scared of going in the stew. I love the image of the cat with a witches hat.

    • Haha, yeah she must have been a nice witchy poo 😉 Thank you, Catherine.

  9. Aw! Little Boo earned his hat! I will be needing the illustration for this, Loni! 🙂 I’m so glad you joined in the contest – such a fun entry! 🙂 Happy Halloween!

    • Haha! I was so tempted to do an illo right away, but I have another Halloween one I am working on at the moment (which I am late doing!). I’m glad I was able to join too.

  10. I like the mental picture of a cat wearing a witch’s hat (mine wouldn’t let me do that!) They might just scare up some good Halloween fun.

    • I don’t think mine would either, Janna. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  11. Aw, he earned his witch’s hat – that’s adorable! But where is the illustration? You know you writer/illustrators always have to pull double duty in these contests! 🙂

  12. Such a sweet story of Boo. What an accomplish for him. This could be a start of a great story.

  13. How wonderful that so many came to enter Susanna’s Halloweensie Contest! What a lucky cat to have flown 100 times with his witch. 🙂 Loved your story, Loni!