PiBoIdMo & SkADaMo 2012 Winner


Today is the last day of November and I am happy to report that I finished PiBoIdMo with over 30 ideas. I also finished SkADaMo with 30 sketches. While some of the ideas and sketches are very promising, others were just good for the creative exercise. Many of my sketches were based off of my PiBo ideas. This one in particular is from an idea I had early this morning:


Another great thing that happened out of PiBoIdMo was I was able to do my MS for 12×12 from one of my ideas!12x12 in 2012


I hope I do as well on my finals coming up  as I did in the creativity department for November! Congrats to my fellow participants!

3 Responses to PiBoIdMo & SkADaMo 2012 Winner
  1. Congrats Loni!!! Woooo hoooo, you did it all! Keep the momentum going and continue being awesome!

  2. YAY! What a great month.

  3. Congratulations, Loni! It looks like you had a great month. Good liuck turning those ideas into dummies.