Flower Series 2

I have created another close up flower painting, inspired by one of my favorite artists, Georgia O’Keefe. I saw some of Georgia’s work at the art museum in Milwaukee and it was inspirational.


I am now calling this my “Flower Series”. This is #2. It is created with graphite, black India ink, and colored pencil. Touch up with digital inks in Photoshop. Stop by again to see more in the future from this series.


2 Responses to Flower Series 2
  1. I like how they look! 😀

  2. Ellen

    Hi Loni!

    This is absolutely beautiful. I will mention you and your site to Althea Dabrowski, who is a friend of Arthur Kinney. The camp is a pilot this year, however, i believe that it may take off! You are so talented! 😉 Ellen