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Building Bridges Exhibition April 11 2018


To see more pictures from the exhibit, click the above pic to view my album on Flickr!

I was invited to put a piece of my artwork in the UMass Amherst Staff initiative, Building Bridges Worker Exhibition. It was the first time I had an original painting in an official exhibition. I also exhibited five digital images:



I was very happy to see such a large amount of interest in the exhibition. I received a lot of positive feedback about my art, and more importantly, about the exhibition and Building Bridges.


Many thanks to everyone who took the time out of their day to come see my art and to those family and friends who helped me choose the pieces – you know who you are! 😀

Blizzard 2018

We were hit pretty hard on the East Coast by a big storm last week. I drew and painted this little character. I entitled it “Feeling penguin in a Nor’easter!”

Stay warm!


Feeling penguin in a Nor’easter! 2018 Watercolor and Ink ©Loni Edwards Illustration All Rights reserved



Flower Series 9


The ninth in my flower series features flowers from the Autumn season. Sketched with graphite, painted with watercolors, and inked with india ink.



If you like this print or any of my others in this series, please visit my store where you can find it on a number of items. Prints and greeting cards are also available. 

Flower Series 8

Next in my series are some flowers with Fall colors. These were inspired from some pictures I took up at UMass in October.

If you like this print, consider purchasing a copy in my store! My paintings are available on many products, so please check it out.

Flower Series #7


My latest painting for my Wildflower Series. This 7th one is a collection of wildflowers that I have taken photos of while going on walks. I added the monarch butterfly because I loved all of the monarchs that would travel through when we lived in South Dakota. So beautiful! This picture, along with the other 6 in this series, is available in my shop at Redbubble on various merchandise, including prints.




Flower Series 6

My 6th in this series is a painting collage of wildflowers I saw while walking up at Hampshire College. What struck me most was the vibrant, colorful flowers next to the ones that were nearing the end of their cycle. Their petals were all tones of grey. It was really cool looking. Here is my interpretation, #6 in my flower series:

Flower Series 5

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Vincent van Gogh

This painting was inspired from a photo I took the other day. I was at the bank and while waiting for the teller, I noticed a butterfly on some flowers. When I was finished with my banking, I took a photograph. Here it is:

A butterfly on a flower

A butterfly on a flower

Flower Series 4

Flower Series #4:


My husband and I walk just about every day somewhere around town. One favorite spot is a trail near Hampshire College. The trail used to be a railroad track that has now been converted to a large trail system that goes from one end of the valley to the other. It is a great place to walk and bike, since it is completely paved and maintained. The canopy here is lush, with lots of plants and wildlife, including some beautiful berry bushes, which inspired this painting.


Norwottuck rail trail 2016

Norwottuck rail trail 2016