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This week’s Perfect Picture Book Friday selection is from a favorite author/illustrator of mine, Keiko Kasza  :



Title:  My Lucky Day  Written & Illustrated:  Keiko Kasza  Publisher: Penguin/Putnam (div of Scholastic), 2004

Age Range -Preschool to Grade 2

Themes:  Humor, imagination, creativity, folktales

Opening & Synopsis:

One day, a hungry fox was preparing to hunt for his dinner. As he polished his claws he was startled by a knock at the door.

So begins the humorous tale of a fox and a pig.  The fox thinks that he is smarter than the pig and plans to eat him for dinner.  However, little does he know that the smart pig is all set to out “fox” him. This is a tale of the triumph of the underdog.

Here’s what the publisher wrote on Amazon:  When a delicious-looking piglet knocks on Mr. Fox’s door by mistake, the fox is sure it must be his lucky day. It’s not every day that dinner just shows up on your doorstep! But as the piglet is quick to point out, shouldn’t the fox give him a bath first? And wouldn’t it be best to fatten him up a little? It’s beginning to look like “dinner” is a lot smarter than it seems.


Keiko Kasza has a great website which contains a teacher’s guide for her books. has some fun coloring pages of animals including a pig and a fox

Here is a great site full of coloring pages, including pigs

Why I like this book:  I love the humor and creativity of this book.  The little pig is so sweet.  Even the fox ends up sympathizing with him.  The illustrations go with the text perfectly.  The flow of the story is very nice and will hold a child’s attention easily. Full of humor and fun, the ending will make you giggle!

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31 Responses to Perfect Picture Book Friday – My Lucky Day
  1. This sounds like a really fun book! I reall like the cover illustration 🙂 I am going to check out your links!

  2. I love how the front cover portrays so much about the two characters, that shows a very skillful illustrator. Sounds a lot of fun, Lioni!

    • Yes, the front cover is what drew me to the book initially. It was great to see the whole book live up to it.

  3. What a creative take on this story. Sounds like it is very funny and something kids will just have a ball reading again and again. Love the cover — it invites you to read the bok.

    • Yes, the cover is what drew me to it initially also. Thanks for your comment Patricia!

  4. How cute is that little pig. Little pig sounds a lot like my littlest one–turns on his charm, and it takes him a long way!

    What a fun book! 🙂

    • Oh yes, the little pig is quite charming 🙂 Your son will love this book. Thanks Natalie!

  5. This IS a fun(ny) book! I really loved the ending!

  6. This book is a great choice! My kids enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your review Loni.

    • I’m glad your kids liked it Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Sounds cute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This book sounds SO fun, and I love the cover! You can just tell what kind of characters you’re going to be reading about 🙂 I remarked this on someone else’s post, but we;ve got a great bunch of covers this week! Thanks for sharing, Loni 🙂

    • You’re welcome Susanna. It is a fun book 🙂

  9. We haven’t read this yet. It looks like the perfect age range for my kiddo. I love to find fun books, because I love to hear him laugh.

  10. Oh, I love a good trickster tale! Envisioning the fox “polishing” his claws makes me laugh :-)Great choice!

  11. I own a copy of this book. Lovely story! Great choice, Loni!

  12. What a great cover! And a fantastically fun story. What an excellent choice. I love humorous books and the cover shows me that the illustrations are loads of fun! I really wanna buy this book. *waving*

    • Hi Robyn! Thanks for the comment. Yes, you will love it. It is a lot of fun!

  13. I love books that turn our expectations on their heads! This sounds great. (Sorry I’m late this week.)

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  14. Loni…what an absolutely charming choice. It sounds like just the sort of story young children would love! I think I got myself in trouble when I connected with Susannah’s PPFB…I want to buy ALL of the picture books that are reviewed. 🙂

    • Hi Vivian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I agree, since joining PPBF, my list for the library has grown immensely! 😀

  15. I added this to my library list. It looks really fun.

  16. Cool book! I just LOVE little piggies. Did you see the photo on Susanna’s blog today? It’s too sweet.